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Offering chiropractic care Monday through Saturday
with late hours (open until 8:00 pm) on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday!

South Calgary Chiropractic With Great Results

Change Your Posture, Change Your Health

People today are facing massive challenges to their posture. Technology and poor ergonomics has lead to a decline of postural health, and it's happening to younger and younger ages. Bad posture can lead to various health challenges.

Many people who have poor ergonomics at their business or home offices deal with postural distortion patterns, and often results in pain, discomfort and dysfunction of various parts of their bodies.

Whether you want to use chiropractic to build better posture, or use chiropractic to help get your body out of pain, it all starts with a consultation. At Nostos Chiropractic, we want to find out exactly how to help you.

We'll start with an in-depth consultation. Then we'll perform a thorough analysis of the four primary quadrants of posture, followed by a functional movement assessment, and a chiropractic spinal exam. If x-rays are required, they can be taken onsite in our radiology facility at your consultation visit.

Dr.'s Sean and Matteo have completed the"Certified Posture Expert" courses through the American Posture Institute and are excited to help teach the southeast Calgary community all about posture and how building better posture can lead to better health!

Ready to learn about how chiropractic can help you improve your posture, improve your body's function, recovery from chronic injuries, and decrease pain? If so, book a consultation with our team!

Curious About Why Posture Is So Important?
Watch Our Better Posture Webinar!

To help you understand how poor posture impacts your body, our entire team came together to talk about posture and it's effects on your wellbeing.

Want better posture? Learn about the five top activities that deteriorate posture and simple exercises for better posture.

Learn about posture from the chiropractic, athletic therapy, and massage therapy perspectives!

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Why You Need a South Calgary Chiropractor



Poor posture leads to many problems in the body. At Nostos Chiropractic, we have created a program to build better posture.



Many people choose chiropractic to help them recover from injuries. This includes anything from low back pain, shoulder tension, lifting injuries, disc herniation, muscle strains and more!

Performance Optimization

Poor movement patterns impacts our ability to perform well. These distortions create muscle compensations and increase the likeliness of injuries.


For Kids

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV have made a massive impact on posture and spinal health of children everywhere. We love to work with kids to help prevent life changing postural collapse.



Many people don't even realize how much stress and tension is stored in their spines, shoulders, low back muscles and hips. Chiropractic is a tool to help people reduce these stresses.


Why wait until you're injured or in pain to take care of your spine? At Nostos, we love to work with people who want to do basic maintenance and be proactive about their spinal health!

We can't wait to
help you feel better and function great!
~ Dr.'s Sean & Matteo dLT

"Nostos" is an old greek word meaning, "Homecoming."

The Hero has been away from home, fighting bold battles, being thrown into misadventures, and met with many challenges. The entire time, the Hero is trying to get back home. In the old stories, the Hero meets a  guide who helps them along the way. When they finally return, the celebration of their homecoming is worth all the struggles.

We can't wait to celebrate with you.
Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here.

Nostos Chiropractic is a southeast Calgary chiropractic office. We offer gentle chiropractic techniques with a strong emphasis on postural correction and helping you build better posture with chiropractic. At our clinic, we offer gentle chiropractic care, massage therapy, posture exercise prescription, spinal decompression therapy, and more modalities!

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