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You just had a concussion.
What do you do?

A concussion is a functional injury to the brain. Jarring actions to the body create an electrical storm in the brain and some processes can become  confused. Symptoms for many concussions resolve within three to seven days. However, intensity of symptoms do not necessarily relate to the amount of time it actually takes for the brain to heal. Healing takes anywhere from 30-120+ days. Recovery times are dramatically affected by how quickly your concussion was diagnosed and by the quality of the rehab plan. Re-injury to the brain before it has finished healing can create permanent brain damage.

A concussion is an inflammatory injury to the brain and nervous system, and as a result can affect overall body health.


At Nostos, we offer extensive testing to assess deficits through different body systems. If you have been affected by a concussion, it's better to have it evaluated as quickly as possible. 

The Process for Concussion at Nostos


Our Consultation Process

Our concussion exam protocol is performed over several appointments to get the clearest picture of your brain’s health. Our chiropractor works with our athletic therapist, among other health care practitioners, to get the best possible result. 

Day One


Posture Analysis

Functional Movement Assessment

X Rays (if necessary)

Nutritional counselling

Day Two

Brain Metabolism Walking Assessment

Day Three

Visual & Vestibular Assessment (eyes and balance)

Day Four

Report of Findings & Plan of Action


Taking Care of Yourself in the Meantime

What NOT to do.

Traditionally, people were instructed to sit in a dark room and do nothing. This information has been proven to have poor recovery results.


Some people wear sunglasses or earplugs for light and noise sensitivity. Avoid using these things unless sensitivity is completely intolerable. Continued use of sunglasses and earplugs have been shown to create long term light and sound sensitivities.

All sporting activities must stop until the brain has had time to recover. Without full recovery, you risk irreversible damage. 

No Alcohol during the recovery process. 

Ideally, there will be a 3-10 day break from work/school with a recovery plan. Some people who are not able to take this break may hit a wall in their recovery until they are able to take some time off.

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What you should do!

In the early days following an injury, continue doing gentle activity until you start to notice an increase of symptoms. Gentle activity includes: walks, short bouts of reading, household chores, talking on the phone, socializing, etc. Take breaks often. Limit the use of electronic screens. Essentially, take it easy for a day or two but don’t lie in bed all day. 

Eye health is important during this recovery process. If you haven't seen your family optometrist in the last two years, it is a good time to see them for an update on your prescription. In some cases, additional work with a neuro-optometrist may be required. If that is the case, we'd be happy to facilitate a referral to a local practitioner.

Inflammation is systemic and impacts healing. Reducing inflammation is important in the brain’s recovery process. The doctor will review the dietary plan to reduce inflammation and maximize the brain recovery time. 

A positive attitude is key when healing from a concussion. This can be difficult while experiencing dizziness and headaches. Celebrate the small victories; expressing gratitude makes a substantial difference in the recovery outcomes. Try not to compare how you feel now to how your felt before the injury. Be present in your recovery process and always look towards a brighter tomorrow. 


You are probably concerned about when you can you get back to your regular life? Every concussion case is unique and the severity of the injury will dictate how long it will take to fully recover. When you come in for your report of findings after all testing, you will be able to discuss reasonable timelines with the doctor.

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