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Look at Some of the Amazing Posture Transformations at Nostos!

At one point or another, you've probably been told that good posture is good for you. While that is true, many people probably can't tell you WHY having good posture is good for your body.

Posture changes the way you look, function and feel.


We take non verbal communication cues from people we're interacting with. This starts with our posture. We're considered to lack confidence when we have a slumped upper back, and rounded shoulders. Many people are concerned they're developing a dowagers hump due to their poor postural habits. How we carry ourselves changes how we're perceived.


Postural distortion patterns leads to changes in how our bodies function. Some muscles get shortened and tight, while others become elongated and weak. Imbalances leads to changes in our movement patterns. This leaves us open to injury and strain.


Postural distortions leads to symptoms in our bodies. Tension and stress in the upper back are often associated with long days spent in front of a computer screen. Poor posture in your neck, shoulders, core, hips and feet can lead to distortions and pain in many of these joints and the muscles that support them.

Transform Your Posture With Chiropractic

Poor posture doesn't happen overnight. It's a combination of deconditioning, compensations, and lifestyle habits. Overcoming postural distortion patterns takes time and effort. In order to do so, we need build a plan appropriate to your body and your posture.

There are multiple components to building better postural fitness:

Spinal Alignment Misalignments due to old or new injuries, bodily stress and muscle imbalances will pull us away from good posture. Overcoming these misalignments will be key to your postural transformation.

Conditioning & Exercise When we think of exercise, we think of pumping iron, or running, or high intensity workouts. In reality, exercises for our posture are much more subtle and require a different level of focus. You need to know the right exercises to help you stabilize and build better posture.

Posture Habit Remapping Activities we perform every day have an impact on our posture. We need to identify the activities that put the most pressure on our posture and find constructive ways to incorporate them into our daily movement patterns.

posture side_edited.jpg
posture side_edited.jpg

Not happy with your posture and want to change it?
Maybe you should join the Nostos Posture Transformation Program!

An initial consultation includes:
Consultation & Health History   ~   Complete Posture Analysis   ~   Functional Movement Assessment   ~   X Ray Imaging

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