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Canine Align Animal Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural health care modality that utilizes adjustments to misaligned vertebrae. A full clinical examination needs to be performed to determine if/where the spine
is misaligned.

Every creature with a spine has the potential to become misaligned. This can lead to problems that negatively impact their health, such as pain, joint/muscle dysfunction, and more.

Animal chiropractic is not a replacement for veterinary medicine, but is a natural, adjunctive health care modality.

Dr. Sean has taken advanced training in animal chiropractic through ACES (Animal Chiropractic Education Source) in Meridian, Texas, and is passionate about helping your beloved fur babies live the healthiest life possible!

Canine Align is Nostos Chiropractic's dog division. If you think your four legged companion could benefit from chiropractic care, click the link below to schedule an appointment!

Although a referral from your vet is not necessary, concurrent veterinary care is required. In Alberta, your vet must be made aware that you are seeking alternative Chiropractic care. Veterinary medicine has exclusive jurisdiction over the care and treatment
of animals.


Chiropractors who have an interest in chiropractic treatment and spinal adjusting of animals must do so in consultation with a member of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. In all circumstances, chiropractors may only treat animals in consultation with or with a written directive from a member of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.

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