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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a modality with a focus on mobility. A massage therapist works with your body to start creating movement within your muscle fibres.  


During your first assessment you will go over your history with the RMT (registered massage therapist) to find the relation between mind and body. This affects your current state of wellbeing in different ways: body pain, muscle tension, imbalances, compensations, and more. 

Your therapist will observe how you move and how your body reacts to certain tests and various orthopaedic assessments. This can show us the origin of the restrictions and pain. 


Massage treatments may include myofascial release  performed manually or with cupping, muscle mobilization and stretches, lymphatic drainage, and nerve flossing.

There are various tools that can be used during your session, including silicone massage cups, warm towels, and heated stones.


At the end of your massage appointment, your therapist may provide you with a home care program. By utilizing these simple exercises or stretches, you can continue to improve your body's function and wellness. 

Massage treatment as a partnership.
Your therapist's goal is to facilitate healing processes by bringing balance to your body and helping you to work through stress.

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