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Chiropractic for Pain from Arthritis

Pain from osteoarthritis can range from mild and non-invasive to severe and debilitating. For many, it seems like a downward spiral without hope.

A major cause of arthritis is long term wear-and-tear of the joints. This can be a result of bony misalignments, poor posture, dysfunctional movement patterns, muscle imbalances, or compensations.


Arthritis is when the cartilage and bone physically start to wear down and/or change shape as a result of physical stress. Even if some of these changes have already occurred, there is the possiblity of feeling and moving better and preventing further damage.

A chiropractor will help you assess where your body is moving well, and can where isn't. Together you can build a plan to improve your ranges of motion and reduce misalignments that may be contributing to these symptoms.

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