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The Importance of Good Computer Posture

We all know the importance of good posture. We've been told since we were kids to sit up straight and not slouch. But in today's world, so many of us are hunched over computers all day long. Bad posture can lead to a number of problems, including back pain, neck pain, and even headaches. That's why it's important to be aware of your posture when you're working at a computer and to take steps to correct it if necessary.

3 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Computer Posture

  1. Adjust your chair. Your chair should be at a height that allows your feet to rest flat on the floor and your knees to be at a 90-degree angle. If your chair is too high or too low, it can cause you to slouch.

  2. Position your monitor. Your monitor should be at eye level so you don't have to strain your neck to look at it. If you wear glasses, make sure they're positioned correctly so you're not tilting your head to see the screen.

  3. Take breaks. Get up and move around every 20 minutes or so to help keep your muscles from getting stiff. Taking a few minutes to walk around or do some simple stretches can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day.

Bad computer posture is a common problem, but it's one that you can easily fix with a few simple adjustments. By taking the time to position your chair, monitor, and yourself correctly, you can help prevent pain and discomfort down the road.

For some people, being in poor posture for a long period of time can lead to discomfort in their bodies that lingers. It could feel light tightness, tension or sometimes even pain. Here's a typical situation, a person wakes up in the morning feeling a little tight, but overall feels "okay." As they go through their day, they start to notice more and more tension in their shoulders and neck. By the end of the workday, they outright awful- their shoulders and neck are sore, they have a headache, their patience is low.

We see many people who go through this exact same thing on a regular basis.

That's why we've developed our Posture Transformation Program. This is a combination of chiropractic care, specific targeting exercises and lifestyle modification to bolster and build better posture!

If you'd like to learn about what a program like this can do for you, book a consultation with one of our doctors today!

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