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Concussion Management

Have You Had A Concussion?

The key component to complete concussion recovery is how quickly an injured brain can begin rehabilitation with a concussion management team. At Nostos, we have clinicians trained specifically in concussion assessment and management. 


The Impact of Concussion

Concussions occur more often than people realize. They will make the brain vulnerable and, if mismanaged, can heavily impact an individual’s potential and life. What if you couldn’t do your job because your environment overstimulates you? What if you couldn’t play with your kids because it makes you dizzy? What if you had to quit your sport? Persistent concussion symptoms can be debilitating.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a functional injury. The current literature says a concussion is an acceleration-deceleration injury creating a shearing between different layers of the brain, with no physical injury to the blood vessels. This shearing action affects brain tissue, creating an electrical storm of activity.


The brain is in a vulnerable state for at least 30 days post concussion and can stay that way beyond 120 days depending on response and recovery plan. Inadequate recovery time, and re-injury to the brain can cause permanent brain damage. This is especially important for making return to play decisions for athletes.


A force strong enough to create a concussion can also cause whiplash to the neck. Many symptoms of whiplash overlap with symptoms of concussion, including headaches. It is important to manage the musculoskeletal system relationship to the brain for an efficient recovery. 


Who should do this?

Whether you are an athlete preparing for a new season, someone who just had a concussion, or someone who has had persistent symptoms following a concussion, our trained professionals will curate a plan specific to your clinical needs. If you are someone who is at higher risk of receiving a concussion (ie. contact sports or acrobatics), having a baseline assessment will provide us with extensive data. This testing is vital to compare your brain’s condition to safely return an athlete to their sport. 

Baseline Testing & Post Concussion Testing

If you're ready to receive a concussion assessment, we need to know two things: 1) Have you had a concussion? 2) If so, when was it?

If you have no history of concussion, we're happy to perform baseline testing that may come in handy should you become concussed. If you have a recent injury that created a concussion, the sooner you can come in for an assessment, the better. 

Contact our office to set up your assessment. This process is thorough and involves different steps over several appointments. Once the assessments are complete, you will receive a full report of findings and build out a recovery plan to wellness with our dedicated team. 

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Dr. Matteo completed the Complete Concussion Management course in 2021. He offers concussion analysis and cares for his patients with a combination of chiropractic a special rehab protocols.

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