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Understanding the TMJ Part IV: What Can You Do About TMJ Pain?

In this fourth and final part of the TMJ series, Dr. Matteo explains the symptoms caused by TMD. He speaks about cervicogenic headaches, which are headaches often created by misalignments in the neck. These headaches have a range of intensity depending on the severity and chronicity of misalignment.

There are several things that can be done to manage TMD. The first thing: about is stopping chewing gum. Chewing gum can create imbalances in the jaw, which leads to compensations. Another way TMD can be managed is by having an orthodontic evaluation. Braces can even out imbalances in the jaw, as well as straighten your teeth.

The third way Dr. Matteo speaks about treating TMD is by treating misalignments in the spine. The upper neck plays a very important role in the TMJ. Fixing posture can take pressure out of the TMJ. As technology advances, most people’s posture has seen a negative impact. Nostos Chiropractic has a great team dedicated to help treat TMD.

Josee, our athletic therapist does a detailed assessment of dysfunctional movement systems and has many different ways of treating these symptoms. These include exercise therapy and electrical therapies that will be able to help create different movement patterns.

Nadege, our massage therapist and osteopathic manual therapist can do a TMJ massage to relieve TMD pain. Although these massages can be intense, it can bring massive relief to this pain.

In regards to our chiropractic doctors at Nostos, both Dr. Sean and Dr. Matteo do an in depth posture analysis and evaluation of the upper neck complex. There are many ways TMD can be treated and relieved at Nostos, so if you currently have TMD or know someone who suffers from TMJ pain, our team at Nostos would be happy to help.

You can see the final part of our TMJ webinar here:

If you're looking for solutions to your TMJ pain, one of our many fantastic practioners would be happy to help! You can book with our team here:

Nostos Chiropractic is a southeast Calgary chiropractic clinic. We offer chiropractic programs for pain relief, wellness, and posture improvement for adults, kids and teens. We also offer athletic therapy and massage therapy from our clinic.

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