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Understanding the TMJ, Part III: Causes of TMJ Pain

In this third part of the TMJ series, our athletic therapist at Nostos, Josee, speaks about the causes of TMJ pain.

Josee explains how posture can affect the alignment of the jaw by pulling the jaw either forwards or backwards. Another cause of TMJ pain could be by direct and indirect trauma to the jaw. Direct trauma could be a force applied directly to the jaw itself, whereas indirect force could be something such as whiplash. If you've experienced a stress like this, and you have not yet been evaluated by a chiropractor or athletic therapists, it might be a good idea to see one.

Josee also explains how TMD can be caused by neck dysfunction and how it can be improved by fixing the misalignments in the neck.

To learn more, watch Josee's video here:

Changing symptoms in our body starts by changing patterns that we carry. If you haven't worked with an athletic therapists yet, maybe it's time? You can book an assessment with Josee here:

Nostos Chiropractic is a southeast Calgary chiropractic clinic. We offer chiropractic programs for pain relief, wellness, and posture improvement for adults, kids and teens. We also offer athletic therapy and massage therapy from our clinic.

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