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What are people saying about Nostos?

Dr. Sean has been such a blessing!

I couldn't sit or lie down without excruciating pain. Regular treatments have given me back the ability to live comfortably and continue to do all the things I love!

His techniques are gentle but most

importantly effective. I have even gained back the half inch I had lost in height!

~ Angela

I've got nothing but good things to say! I came to Dr. Sean with a pain in my upper back that has been fairly constant for the past 3-4 years. He seems to have found the problem and my back has been relatively pain-free since about my fourth adjustment with him. I consider this to be a big win! Dr. Sean is very thorough with his initial consultation and adjustments. He's also very personable and takes the time to get to know you, which is really nice! 

~ Matt

Dr. Sean is the best! If you have any anxiety about accessing chiropractic care I highly recommend Dr. Sean. He is very approachable and thorough in his work. He creates a comfortable environment for asking questions and sharing concerns. Its easy to see that
Dr. Sean genuinely cares about his patients and the care they receive. I feel in very good hands working with him and will continue to shout his praises to everyone I know with bones or a dog.

~ Lacey

I highly recommend Dr Sean for his keenly-observant, highly-researched, collaborative and compassionate approach to chiropractic care. As a professional musician with many ingrained physical patterns, Dr Sean is supporting my realignment both in-office and through helpful exercises posted on his website. He takes time to listen to my experience and goals and encourages my questions as contributions to my own care. His thorough assessments (with X-Ray evidence!) are very enlightening and resonate with my experience. Dr. Sean is dedicated to his craft and his passion for vibrant health is contagious! 5+ stars!!

~ Mary

Never have I ever been so thoroughly examined. I've been to a few health care providers over the years, but Dr. Sean was the the first to look at my entire body as a whole. That proved to be very successful, as he found some issue that I always thought about in the back of my head but never mentioned. We have now been working on my posture, neck, low back and hyperextended knees as a reason for my continued neck pain/headaches. After two months I can see the results of his method. Very successful and highly recommended.

~ Sherry

I have been seeing Dr. Sean dLT at Nostos Chiropractic and my experience has been so incredible. Every time I see Dr. Sean I feel empowered, educated, and not to mention better! He is so welcoming, committed to his clients, and willing to share his time and knowledge. I recommend Nostos Chiropractic to everyone!

~ Sara

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