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Helen Day brings over 40 years of experience as a physiotherapist.

Having graduated from the U of A in 1969, Helen has learned the power of various techniques and modalities including myofascial release, medical acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and more.

Over the last 30 years, she has shared her unique skill set with the Kelowna area.  Having returned to Alberta, she is excited to continue to offer her amazing work with Calgary and the Nostos Community.

Helen has two primary offerings:

  • Physiotherapy for those suffering with chronic pain

  • 5Faces, a unique type of physiotherapy that Helen has created to help create a healthy, youthful looking face.

Helen created 5Faces after personally suffering a major injury 30 years ago. As she was recovering, she quickly realized the physiotherapy techniques she was applying to her injury not only reduced the pain, but also helped the skin in the area look young and healthy.

After applying these techniques to the face, Helen realized that she could help others to naturally maintain a youthful appearance through physiotherapy and medical acupuncture.

To learn more about Helen and 5Faces, visit her website at:

5Faces-Kelowna (24)small.jpg
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