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30 Minute Webinar

Many people suffering a concussion have new symptoms that stick around (like headaches, irritability, poor sleep). If this sounds like you or someone else you know, we are hosting an in-person event at our clinic to discuss various aspects of concussion and rehab strategies.

Join us on Wednesday, May 4th at 7:00pm to see how you can get control over your health again.  


Meet our Concussion Team

Dr. Matteo and Josee have taken advanced education in the Complete Concussion through CCMI (Complete Concussion Management Inc). We are passionate about helping people overcoming their concussion. 

What is Involved in Recovery?

A concussion impacts multiple systems in our body, having a coordinated strategy with the latest science is essential for the best results.

* This is a free event

What are we Learning at the Event

This webinar is for people who are currently suffering from symptoms following a concussion. In this free workshop, we will be going over how a concussion impacts various parts of your health like your sleep/wake cycle, the gut's relationship with brain inflammation, how to retrain the brain, and how whiplash could be the cause of many of your symptoms.


At this webinar we will outline the steps required to make a complete recovery from a concussion, and we will provide you with an opportunity to work towards better health.

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