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Discussion On Concussion

Wednesday, March 1st at 7:00pm

What happens when we have a concussion? Long story short, it’s complicated. What’s important to know is the plan both before and following a concussion.

Join Dr. Matteo in a 30 minute discussion about unpackaging the complexities of concussion. The science has evolved since sitting in a dark room. Learn about the myths, prevention, and protocol around optimal recovery. A concussion is a brain injury,your strategy dramatically impacts the recovery.

Reserve your spot for this in-person event, limited seating available.

Dr. Matteo is a Chiropractor trained by CCMI, the leading gold standard in concussion management. When assessing a concussion, Dr. Matteo evaluates whiplash, brain metabolism, eye tracking, vestibular system, sleep disturbances, gut aggravation, and postural imbalances. Treated separately, results can be inconsistent and plateau early. At Nostos, we design a plan to re-coordinate the body.

This is an in-person event offered at Nostos Chiropractic

#170, 703 64 Ave SE, Calgary AB

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